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recent work

Mercedes Benz G 500 4×4²

Prod. Company: Marken Film Crossing Gmbh
Director: Mario Zozin
Photographer: Deniz Saylan
Client: Mercedes Benz
Location: Chile

Jaguar F-Type

Prod. Company: Spark 44
Director: Alex Feil
Photographer: Clint Clemens
Agency: TAG Worldwide
Location: Chile

Nissan Pathfinder

Prod. Company: Standard, Paris
Director: Salto Brothers
Agency: TBWA
Location: Chile

Nike Run Higher

Prod. Company: Picture Farm, USA
Photographer: Petrovsky and Ramone / Jose Cabaco
Client: Nike, Portland
Location: Peru


Photographer: Jeff Ludes
Client: Chevy USA
Location: Argentina


Prod. Company: Outsider, UK
Director: Scott Lyon
Location: Chile

Renault Megane

Director: Olivier Bennoun
Agency: Publicis Paris

Vogue USA

Photographer: Patrick Demarchelier
Client: Conde Nast., USA
Location: Chile

New Renault Kadjar

Photographer: Jeff Ludes
Client: Renault
Agency: Prodigious
Location: Patagonia, Chile

Nike Copa

Prod. Company: Picture Farm
Director: Chris Anderson
Client: Nike USA
Location: Chile / Mexico / Argentina


Director: Laurent Tirard
Agency: BETC
Location: Chile

Land Rover

Prod. Company: Trigger Shots
Photographer: Antony Burchet
Agency: Coegent Elliot
Location: Chile

Johnie Walker

Director: Jamie Rafn
Agency: FCB
Location: Mexico

Ricore, Devenez Matin

Prod. Company: QUAD, Paris
Director: George Bank Davis
Agency: Publicis
Location: Chile

Mc Donalds

Prod. Company: La Pac, France
Director: Aiofe Mc Ardle
Location: Chile

Skoda New Octavia

Prod. Company: Be Film, Germany
Director: Bernd Seiboldt
Location: Chile

Eddie Bauer

Photographer: Anders Overgard / Thomas Hoeffgen
Location: Chile


Prod. Company: QUAD, Paris
Director: Reynald Grasset
Agency: fred & Farid, France
Location: Chile

Patagonia Shoot

Director: Bernardita del Solar
Photographer: Tomas Reíd
Client: ED magazine
Location: Patagonia, Chile


Director: Jeong Wan Seo
Agency: Innocean Worldwide
Location: Chile


Photographer: Tomas Reid
Client: ED Magazine
Location: San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

Alter Eco

Prod. Company: QUAD , France
Director: Greg & Leo
Location: Amazonian jungle, Peru

Quechua Tentes

Prod. Company: BIG Production, Paris
Client: Decathlon
Location: Patagonia, Chile

Elle Italy

Photographer: Kayt Jones
Client: Elle, Italy
Location: Andes Mountains, Chile


Director: Julien Trousellier