why La Casa

"What an amazing experience working with La casa films in Costa Rica. Very professional, organized and most importantly, very good vibes from everyone.
Can someone please explain why I haven't worked with them before?"

Augusto Sola, director Riff Raff UK project

"La Casa, and Polo in particular, was a bliss from Day1. Always handling every need and request with patience and dedication, and we could not have asked for a more professional approach to any challenge"

Sebastian Winter, DOP

"Thank you for putting so much effort into this film everyone. I am grateful for the many hours of hard work and determination. I know it wasn't an easy job. Much love!"

Cole Webley, Director at Sanctuary, US / 84Lumber's Super Bowl film.

"In one of the most remote and extreme locations, La Casa were a great and reliable production partner.
With the help of it’s welcoming, competent and experienced team, La Casa managed to turn a very challenging shoot into a good memory.
I hope to be able to come back to Chile and would always want to work with La Casa again."

Carina Steinmetz, Producer Soup Films Berlin Gmbh

"Three shoot days, two cities, one mountain range, six company moves a day including running shots, permit-tricky public areas with multiple jurisdictions, 40 talent including kids – did I mention boats and snow ? The challenges (euphamism) of the photo shoot for our international client were handled with consummate patience, grace and professionalism by Axel Brinck of LaCasa. Axel’s good nature and pragmatic calm were huge assets during stressful weeks of intercontinental prep. The crew was outstanding and came thru to provide on the fly solutions to impossible to predict problems and requests. LaCasa´s elegant (yet within budget!) style of interacting with agency and clients made for a fantastic shoot that exceeded all expectations. Do yourself a big Production Favor and work with LaCasa."

Lyn Wik, Producer, Fedex

"After traveling the world with different productions companies, to find a crew like the one at La Casa is incredible. Their knowledge, professionalism and drive to build, plan, process and execute our shoot was beyond anything I have experienced - And we like to push the limits. For La Casa, no problem was to small and no challenge to big and they tackled the production with enthusiasm that helped to set the pace for our most productive shoot yet. I can’t say how impressed I was with their execution. They understood what was on the line with each location and knowing this I was able to trust our brand/campaign to be executed seamlessly in very challenging locations. The team at La Casa allowed the directors and talent to focus and deliver what is certainly our best campaign yet. If you are looking for a production company in South America, look no further. I trusted La Casa with our brand at Fjallraven and it made all the difference. "

Joe Prebich Vice President Fjallraven

"From the moment we landed to the day of departure Axel kept feeding us local treats in form of locations, experiences and food. N
Now I just have to figure out a way to come back for more!"

Daniel Blom Photographer rep by Acne

"Shooting with La Casa was a great experience. As a DP I travel a lot and see many amazing locations round the globe but Chile always is worth a trip. And apart from all this beautiful locations and breathtaking landscape La Casa was a serious help with professional support to manage my live behind the camera. I hope I can do it again with this great and adorable team. Cross fingers...."

Ekkehart Pollak, DOP

"I have done big production photography work for literally three decades. I can say honestly I have never encountered a more thorough, professional and helpful a production house as La Casa Films.
Their roots in Latin America run deep, and they have excellent contacts and relationships throughout Central and South America. Their efforts while on assignment in Peru were simply outstanding, and allowed me, as the DOP, to simply concentrate on the image at hand and the scene I wanted to create. Their instincts for casting and locations were impeccable, and their approach to the shoot logistics was flawless. Any assignment shooter traveling to that region will find them essential"

Joe McNally, Photographer. LIFE, Sports Illustrated, Time, Newsweek, Geo.

"Thanks for all your support on the project.
It was a real pleasure working with you and your crew. I will definitely be coming to work with you guys again.I loved it in Chile. You were all ace."

Aoife Mc Ardle, Director, LA PAC France - Independent UK

"They truly stand by their motto ‘mi casa es tu casa’. Being part of a company that films all around the world, it is important that the local service company provides great service while also making sure we get the shots we need. Ahora tengo una casa y hermanos en Chile."

Henry Oh, Producer DUO Films, inc

"We would highly recommend La Casa to our peers at Nike. Truly Great experience! One of the best shoots we have ever had and the results show!
Thanks Again!"

Timi Killam, Nike Brand Design, Nike USA

"Shooting in the most extreme conditions never was so easy as with La Casa. We needed cutting edge rigging and full safety for cast and crew which was delivered in the most efficient and simple manner. Their production service gave us great comfort and ease in the most remote place of Chile. Any thing you need just name it and La Casa will provide it's as simple as that. It's been a real ease for me as a director to accomplish my creative vision I could fully focus on my cinematography. La Casa´s crew was just willing to give the best of the Chilean savoire faire. My DOP and I had a thrilling experience with the camera crew ... I can't wait for my next job over there, in what I think is one of the most efficient service company in South America. Viva chile m..."

Julien Trousselier, Director, Les Telecreatures

"These guys rock"

Michael de Vries, Director of Integrated Production, Spark44 London

"Our shoot was crazily intense, in so many different locations and with so many animals. The crew was perfect, really efficient and always friendly. Everybody was so helpful to achieve everything we needed to be done. Chile is so great to shoot, with so many different breathtaking locations and always very professional crews. Hope to come back to work with La Casa Films real soon!"

Jacques Etienne Stein, General Manager Control Films, France

"Working with La Casa was a real pleasure, they made a tricky job (lots of cast, lots of locations but not enough time) run very smoothly and stress free. I look forward to the opportunity to work in Chile with them again.
I can’t commend Polo & Axel and their fantastic crew highly enough."

Zeno Campbell- Salmon, Producer, Outsider UK

"I really and truly want to thank you for the great job achieved and "sobre todo " for the great crew . It was hard and long but with a very good mood and will of everyone . Also certainly one the best birthday I ll
remember . I want to be 39 for the rest of my life !!!
I will send you the dir cut next week . So long my friends¡¡"

Helene Daubert, EP, Les Telecreatures

"How to choose the right service production? Follow recommendations. Axel and Polo from La Casa films are THE brilliant mixture for the commercial business. Reliable, competent, pragmatical, open for all the wishes of a (not easy) director, open for all the wishes of the agency guys and always warm-hearted. They give you an honest and realistic understanding of the strenghts and weaknesses of Chile´s filmbusiness. They tell you in advance about gaps in creative departments, equipement or crew you might have in Chile which was very helpful for me.
Because of La Casa Films I had a great time shooting there and not only the landscape blew me away! Un abrazo, amigos."

Alex Feil, Director, Element-e, Germany

"Axel and Polo, fabulous hosts, adventurous explorers and terrific producers - we had an ambitious plan and it was executed to perfection."

Ben Freedman, Producer and partner, Picture Farm, USA

"What a wonderful experience it was shooting in Chile. Aside from great production value and beautiful locations, the shoot went very smoothly and we were particularly pleased to work in such a serene and friendly atmosphere during the entire job."

Beatrice Chevrin, EP, Quad

"We want to say a very big & hearty THANK YOU for the fantastic job you and the crew at LaCasa Films pulled together for us for HSBC Golf.
It was a fantastic shoot – you have a really impressive art department and crew. We also really enjoyed being shown around Santiago and Valparaiso – you picked some really interesting places to go out and eat, and Caroline, Ye Ye and Christian were the tops.
Great wrap party venue too!
I hope we get to work with you again in Chile again before too long"

David White, Producer Saatchi & Saatchi, London UK

"Shooting with La Casa in Chile was a wonderful experience, ours was a complex shoot and the production was both totally professional and extremely friendly. It’s really an amazing country to shoot in with fabulous locations and great crew. Highly recommendable!"

Martin Coulais, Executive Producer, Quad

"Working with La Casa, especially with Axel & Polo, is like coming home. Chile with La CASA was one of the greatest experience! From the production view Chile is the hidden champion from my point of view CHILE in COMBINATION with La Casa is the CHAMPION!

Christine-Marie Gardeweg, Managing Director, Germany

"Wow...what a great place to shoot. Gorgeous scenery...mountain roads made with ribbon, coastal scenery that takes your breath away, and LaCasa knows all the good spots. What I love about these guys are their warmth and professionalism. Not a beat lost, not a good meal spoiled, not a location missed...if you ever get the chance....GO!"

Clint Clemens, Photographer, Clint Clemens Productions

"I would like to personally thank you all for your hard work over the 6 long shoot days. For rising early in the bitter cold with us and grinding thru the hard long sunny, windy days. Grateful for your patience and kindness! Looking forward to working with you all in the future. Many thanks!"

Christopher Cho, Producer / 84Lumber's Super Bowl film.